About Me

I have extensive experience building static web sites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am proficient in creating responsive, user-friendly designs using these technologies, and have a deep understanding of web development best practices.

I also have experience working with several content management systems like Drupal and WordPress. I am skilled in configuring, customizing, and deploying these platforms to meet the specific needs of my clients.

My experience allows me to offer my clients a range of solutions for your web development needs. Whether you require a simple, static site or a complex, dynamic platform with robust content management features, I am able to deliver high-quality, professional results.

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My Services

  1. Consultation: You tell me your vision for the project and we discuss how to make it a reality.

  2. Proposal: I present a proposal for your project which details what will be built, the timeline, and plan of action for building it.

  3. Creation: You will receive regular updates on the ongoing status of your project so you're always kept in the loop.

  4. Launch: Once the project is to your specifications, the site will be live with the option for ongoing support and maintenance

Previous Clients

I have experince in Web Developement, Web Content Management as well as Website Migration using Wordpress and Drupal.

Strawbitty Yops band photo

Strawbitty Yops - Children's Music Project

Childen's music band, Strawbitty Yops.

Built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

TXUUJM website image

Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry

The UU State Action Network for Texas

Update and maintained on Wordpress

UT Southwestern Labs image

UT Southwestern Medical Center Labs

Research labs for UT Southwestern

Built with Site Studio on the Drupal CMS


Lesson share website image

Lesson Share

Website created to help new teachers find lesson plans shared by veteran teachers.

Fullstack web app built with Javascript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Express, Mongodb.

calorie counter website image

Calorie counter app

Fullstack web application built to count calories. Log in and try it out!

Built with Javascript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Express, Mongodb.

A Still Second of the Cosmos

A Still Second of the Cosmos

Photo and summary of the day from NASA API

Fullstack web application built with Javascript, CSS, HTML, NASA API

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